I love to draw, but as you see, I'm not pretty good at it. You can critisise me all you want so I can improve myself and become better at this. Enjoy! :)

4 notes another unfinished 5min drawing./15.06.11./ 
1 note my scrapbook is full. :( after all this time. this was one of the first drawings in it. really poor with shading, I know. now I have to go and buy a new one../15.06.11./ 
2 notes I have also a 5min color version of this, but I drawed it with watercolor so it didn’t came out pretty well. and I should finally finish this, but not in the mood now./19.07.11./lolitavisa:

next thing I realize..I’m drawing a bottle of Jaager.
/not done/
4 notes hard to see the details. again, sorry about the bad quality. my scanner doesn’t work as it should so I’m taking pictures./21.10.11./ 
0 notes I’m picking some random drawings (scraps to be precise) from my scrapbook. Too lazy to post all of them, haha. I remember this drawing in like 5mins?/14.06.11./
0 notes
0 notes sorry for the bad quality.this one’s not finished. but most of my works are like that, because I easily get tired of drawing something and I usually start something new instead. that’s how lazy I am, haha. I don’t usually go back to the drawings I once started and didn’t finish, but I’ll maybe do that one day../drawed on 09.08.11./